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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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|o*ah.luaAH utility
|o*arp.luaAddress resolution protocol (ARP) utility
|o*esp.luaESP utility
|o*ethernet.luaEthernet protocol utility
|o*icmp.luaInternet control message protocol utility
|o*ip4.luaInternet protocol (v4) utility
|o*ip6.luaInternet protocol (v6) utility
|o*proto.luaIncludes all protocol modules in one place
|o*ptp.luaPrecision time protocol (PTP) utility
|o*tcp.luaTransmission control protocol (TCP) utility
|\*udp.luaUser datagram protocol (UDP) utility
o*barrier.luaBarrier ..
o*bitmask.luaBitmask ..
o*device.luaDevice ..
o*distribute.luaDistribute ..
o*dpdk.luaDPDK ..
o*dpdkc.luaDPDKc ..
o*error.luaError ..
o*filter.luaFilter ..
o*filter_i40e.luaFilter for I40E ..
o*filter_ixgbe.luaFilter for IXGBE ..
o*headers.luaC struct definitions for all protocol headers and respective additional structs for instance addresses
o*histogram.luaHistrogram ..
o*ipsec.luaIPsec (ESP/AH) offloading
o*lock.luaLock ..
o*lpm.luaLongest Prefix Matching ..
o*main.luaMain ..
o*memory.luaMemory ..
o*namespaces.luaNamespaces ..
o*packet.luaUtility functions for packets (rte_mbuf)
o*pipe.luaPipe ..
o*stats.luaStats ..
o*timer.luaTimer ..
o*timestamping.luaTimestamping ..
\*utils.luaDefines general utility functions